How can I help get Democrats elected in South Carolina?

  • Volunteer and donate to Democratic candidate campaigns.
  • Know the name and location of your polling place. Be prepared to direct neighbors and friends to iwillvote.org or scvotes.gov.
  • Know dates of upcoming elections and the Democratic candidates running.
  • Share dates for registration and absentee ballot requests.
  • Be an informed voter. Share your knowledge with others. Keep learning.


Everyone I know is registered to vote, what now?

  • It’s time to Get Out the Vote (GOTV)! Getting Democratic Voters to the polls on election day.
  • Encourage voters to vote absentee. You can guide them through the process here.
  • Stress the importance to make a plan with a buddy to VOTE on election day.
  • Create a database for folks who can offer rides to polling places and make sure everyone you know has a ride to vote.
  • Create opportunities for constituents to meet our candidates.


Where can I learn more about the election process in South Carolina?

South Carolina Election Commission

Berkeley County Voter Registration and Elections

League of Women Voters Charleston

South Carolina Democratic Party